Branding, Web Style Guide, E-commerce Website, Packaging Design, Apparel Design

Client Profile


Industry: Coffee, Restaurant
Business Size: 11-20 Employees
Location: Haverhill, MA

Battle Grounds Coffee Co. is a veteran-owned coffee company upstart from Haverhill, MA. The coffee industry is an especially competitive industry that requires an incredible level of excellence and an insane amount of hours to successfully start a business in. Owner and former-Navy SEAL, Salvatore Defranco, and his wife, Dana, are not intimidated by challenges. The business was getting ready to build out it's first location in downtown Haverhill, and would need a unique look and feel that would allow it to stand out in a field of high-end hospitality locations. The intent of Battle Grounds was never to stay a single location business, but to grow the business quickly. This would require a standardized packaging and a healthy e-commerce business. 

Project Overview

The new business would need a unique look-and-feel that could flow across print, digital, and environmental media. The new business would rely heavily on an attractive in-store atmosphere and a growing e-commerce web presence. 


  • Logo Design

  • Business Card Design

  • Signage Design
  • Web Style Guide
  • SEO-Optimized Site Map
  • Custom E-commerce Website (Shopify)
  • Menu Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Aparrel Design
  • E-Newsletter Set-up

Campaign Results

Battle Grounds Coffee Co. launched to become one of Haverhill's fastest growing businesses. It has become the cultural hub of the town. The web presence and packaging components of the project are just now preparing for roll-out. Updates to follow.