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We don't do gimmicks. Marketing trends come and go, but at the end of the day your marketing dollars need to be returning to you with a lot of new friends. Wookie Creative takes a holistic view of marketing. We ask our clients to provide us with clear, measurable goals to which we can form a strategy that includes the right marketing mix for your brand, industry, and offering.


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Marketing from a small business perspective

Get tangible results with strategic marketing.

Many small businesses give up marketing entirely or half-heartedly offer a small sacrifice to the marketing gods hoping to relieve the pressure to be involved in marketing. To be honest, any negative reputation marketing has received is a result of marketers being less than straightforward about what it takes to successfully grow a business. But skimping on marketing can mean slowed growth and more work for you and your team. The big businesses understand this, but a marketing strategy needs to be tailored for a small business.

 Successful marketing requires more than a monthly budget. It requires defined business goals, strategy, refinement, and time.

With Wookie Creative, you can expect straightforward pricing for campaign management and campaign spend as well as regular reporting on the results of your investment. We actively assess and gather data in order to refine your marketing strategy and provide regular reporting on campaign progress to ensure you are getting a maximum return on your investment. 


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