The Growth Process

Wookie Creative follows the same process for every design, marketing, or development project we take on. We use this same cycle for tackling our own growth and for every startup, small business, or project we take on. 

1. Discover

This phase involves exploring the client's business, positioning, goals, and taking the time to understand their industry, customers, and competitors. We use this information to get an understanding of the objective requirements for the project as well as accounting for brand improvement opportunities. A thorough Discovery phase will avoid holes in the final product. 

2. Plan

During this portion of the process we will brainstorm methods, strategies, and technologies to fulfill the defined requirements of the project. We use this phase as a conversation to help determine pros and cons of our various options. 

3. Create

This phase includes the progression of sketches, mockups, prototypes as well as internal and client review cycles. Client review is essential to confirming project requirements have been met. Upon approval the project is launched, sent to production, or implemented.

4. Analyze

Just as critical as the Planning phase, analyzing our work after roll-out is essential to pinpointing opportunities for improvement and noting successes. 

5. Refine

Beyond simply maintaining a project as-launched, the data gained during a thorough analysis should be reviewed and improvements to the project can be strategically implemented.