Logo Design


Your logo is the front door of your business.

It does not need to tell the entire story, just provide an alluring hint. Having a beautiful logo for your business is important. Imperative even. However, branding goes much deeper than having a flashy graphic to slap on pens, business cards, and signs. Rather, a successful logo is the result of a deep dive into your business as it is now, where it is going, and how your team and customers perceive you. Beyond understanding your own business it is equally necessary to have an understanding of your customers. What are they looking for? What resonates with them?

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How we handle Logo Design

Wookie Creative takes a unique approach to logo design to ensure your logo will work well for your business for a decade or more. Clients retain full usage rights, receive vector (print) and raster (web) file types, as well as all color and layout variations. 

A successful logo design accounts for:

  • Color variations (Full color, reversed, single color)
  • Applications (print, web, signage, 3D, screenprint, embroidery)
  • Size and shape requirements (large scale, small scale, UI usage) 
  • Uniqueness and Recognizability
  • Audience