Integrity in design

Just like you, Wookie Creative believes in hard, honest work. We are our own harsh critic and often put the extra hours in to make sure a job is up to snuff. We have occasionally been known to recommend a client take a project in a direction that will cut us out of the workflow—but that's what makes us invaluable: trust. We know that's easy to say, but thankfully our clients can back us up.

Keeping it dangerous

But not toooo dangerous.

Spoiler alert: there is a slimy underbelly that most of the advertising industry doesn't like to talk about. Most design and marketing firms are vying for that corporate client whose next job will cover payroll for the next 5 years. It's hard to be entirely objective when a single client holds so much sway over paying your employees. Now that sounds dangerous to us.

Having a larger number of smaller clients in our rolodex allows us to stay honest. We can afford to tell you that a campaign is a bad idea. Meeting with you face-to-face and catching a hold of your vision makes it easy for us to work for you just as hard as we work for ourselves. We are invested in your business. 

We'll be upfront here. This whole concept of being an agency that focuses on small businesses and start-ups is just an experiment that happened to prove itself viable. That's not to say we haven't and aren't still going through a process of refinement ourselves; the thought of being able to grow an agency by coming alongside local restaurants, manufacturers, and shops is foreign in our industry. 

Our business model


Remember the days of being a jack-of-one trade? Yeah, neither do we. That's why we've worked hard to develop a broad talent-base with web, UI/UX, print, packaging, and motion graphics. We always take into consideration the development of a strong and cohesive brand on every project. Our clients consider us an extension of their team rather than a contractor for the job, and we hope you will too.


Our talent-on-demand business model enables you to direct your budget to growing rather than paying agency overhead. We're no stranger to timelines, budgets, and review processes. Most of our team members have years of agency experience, working hundreds of campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. We've since left that world of creative "red tape" while retaining the tried-and-true processes that power the big guys. Now we're bringing our A-game to small and medium businesses and offering them powerful design, website, and marketing capabilities at accessible pricing.


We know a lot of people—talented people with great connections. Over the years we've built relationships and partnered with some mighty-fine freelance talent: designers, writers, developers, videographers, photographers, and marketers. We aren't going to act like we operate out of some luxurious office space in Manhattan. Nah, most of us rent a share-space, have a home-office, or can frequently be found leeching off of Union Coffee Co.'s wi-fi. Truth be told, most of us have been recruited to act like we are full-time at those big-city agencies flowing with craft beer and furrowed brows. But for us, we're a merry band of talent that takes our work seriously, but not much else. Most of our team has known each other for years and has followed each other's careers from agency work into the freelance realm. So when the job requires something special, we always have a contact that is an instant message away and is ready to join the project.